With all of BDER Elk Meat being fully traceable, you can see our herd is of the utmost quality.

Sure, you can purchase elk meat from online “meat” stores from all over. Why not know exactly what you are purchasing and go directly to the source. Place an order, schedule a pickup and have a look for yourself. 

Being indigenous to Alberta, a natural part of our ecology, elk are adapted to live off native plant species. Meaning that per lb of products, far fewer resources are consumed compared to other protein sources – this includes plant-based protein. And we are actively working towards certification to prove our eco-credentials. 

The red meat version of chicken? Higher in protein and vitamins but lower in cholesterol and fat than most ‘traditional’ meats – the demand for elk meat is increasing among health-conscious consumers. 

Fast and easy: Although individual elk cuts are identical to beef– elk meat “looks” darker and will cook faster because it is not marbled with fat like its red meat brother.

Traceability from Field to Family: The combination of regulatory standards, holistic management practices and investments in technology allows us to track the lineage, health history, and information on each stage of the value chain on the elk product that has made its way to you.  

Elk tenderloin cut into ~4 oz medallion steaks make for versatile dishes.


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This is the perfect sampler that comes with a wonderful variety.


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Top choice cut for roasting and slicing.


Available in Original & Teriyaki Flavour


Available in Original & Honey Garlic


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This elk rib eye boasts extraordinary flavor and tenderness


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Elk top sirloin should be cooked to a state of rare or medium-rare to ensure maximum tenderness.


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Elk T-Bone offers a taste of the New York strip and the Filet on the same beautiful steak!


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The healthy low fat and all natural meat.


One burger stack comes with 6 x 4 oz patties.


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It’s high in Protein and Iron, and rich in flavour! No hormones, no steroids, no gluten, no additives. Pure elk…


Lean meat + bone = a delicious, nutritious meal!