At BDER we use modern technology and regenerative farming to take our green initiative to the next level.


At the BDER, we’re combining the best of two time-tested disciplines, ecology and agriculture, to make the best use of nature’s goods and services.
Being indigenous to Alberta, a natural part of our ecology, elk are adapted to live off native plant species. Meaning that per lb of products, far less resources are consumed compared to other protein sources – this includes plant-based protein. And we are actively working towards certification to prove our eco-credentials.

Climate Positive

Through the addition of solar panels, investment in new infrastructure, systems, and procedures, BDER will build on the natural sustainability of elk to move through Carbon Neutrality to be a Carbon Positive business.


When it comes to our products – we only make claims that we can back up & measure. The combination of regulatory standards, holistic management practices and investments in technology allows us to track the lineage, health history and information on each stage of the value chain on the elk product that has made its way to you.


In addition to providing high quality elk products, our unique provides an opportunity to engage with private business and public organizations, locally and abroad who share our vision of agriculture, advancing ag-tech,
ag-tourism and consumer education with the goal of providing our communities with experiences and products they can trust and enjoy.