Preorder 50LB of premium Alberta elk meat.


A preorder of 100lbs of premium Alberta Elk Meat.


A preorder of 300lbs of premium Alberta Elk Meat.


Elk tenderloin cut into ~4 oz medallion steaks make for versatile dishes.


This is the perfect sampler that comes with a wonderful variety.


Top choice cut for roasting and slicing.


Available in Original & Teriyaki Flavour


Available in Original & Honey Garlic


This elk rib eye boasts extraordinary flavor and tenderness


Elk top sirloin should be cooked to a state of rare or medium-rare to ensure maximum tenderness.


Elk T-Bone offers a taste of the New York strip and the Filet on the same beautiful steak!


The healthy low fat and all natural meat.


One burger stack comes with 6 x 4 oz patties.


Split and whole antler chews, in various sizes.


Nutritious, long-lasting, chew option for dogs under 15 lbs


It’s high in Protein and Iron, and rich in flavour! No hormones, no steroids, no gluten, no additives. Pure elk…


Lean meat + bone = a delicious, nutritious meal!